What stage of business are you in?

How did you find the #LadyBoss Chats podcast?

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What's your favourite episode? Why?

What are your top 3 goals in your biz this year?

Where are you located (city)?

Which podcasts are a MUST LISTEN HABIT for you?

What's your favourite day to get stuck into podcast listening?

Is there a topic you'd LOVE us to cover, or a guest you'd love us to interview?

What would make #LBC a share-worthy, addictive habit for you?

How else can the ladybosses Katie and Elle support your biz in 2017? Masterminds, retreats, general cheerleading, a digital product about the mating habits of monkeys, lay it on us!!

If you could describe LadyBoss Chats in THREE words what would they be?

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